2008-06-04 (Toledo and Madrid, Spain) – 083

Sub-Evil and I took a mid-week break from Toledo and made a day trip to Madrid, with a whirlwind tour of three great art museums (the Prado, the TB, and the new stuff). None allowed photos inside, but I managed to take a few outside in Madrid, as well as a lot of neat shots from along the river in Toledo while we were waiting for our train.

Credit goes to Flickr (Nic’s events ) for this super evil building. Original date: 2008-06-08 22:50:20

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2008-06-10 (Granada, Spain) – 145

We’re back in the U.S., and thus ends a really wonderful year abroad. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish dumping all my Spain photos over the next few days, and then do my Scotland photos before heading off to GECCO ’08 in Atlanta next week.

This is a large batch from Granada. There are quite a few taken from the top of one of those double decker tour buses with Sub-Evil Boy. There are also a bunch from walking around the old town with WeatherGirl and Sub-Evil boy. This included a visit to the museum in Casa de los Tiros, which had an neat (and only semi-comprehensible given our limited Spanish) exhibit on some custom involving floats for Corpus Christi (?) parades of a mythical beast ("La Tarasca") combining the features of numerous other creatures, as well as exhibits on Spanish history and culture. At the end I caught some very cool evening backlighting on a fountain, and had too much fun :-).

Credit goes to Flickr (Nic’s events ) for this magnificent evil building. Original date: 2008-07-03 04:12:03

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