Paramount Building

Despite being in the evil Times Square I like this building a lot. One of my favorites.

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Now a Payless ShoeSource, this building was once the Plaut Brothers department store, which billed itself as "Jamaica’s Largest Department Store" in a newspaper ad from 1911, back in the good old days when you could still get a tin of Mennen’s Borated Talcum Toilet Powder for a mere dime. From what I can tell, the store expanded around 1914 with the acquisition of the property next door, but it had dropped the "largest" claim in its ads by 1926, when crinkled bedspreads were on sale for $1.59 each.

While searching old newspapers for information about this store, I came upon a column called "Thumps and Thuds" that used to run in the Long Island Daily Press back in the late 1920s. Each column is just a collection of unrelated, pseudo-humorous one- or two-liners. But reading these "jokes" in the 21st century is a very strange experience. Many of them evoke the image of a terrible stand-up comedian bombing on stage, while others, now devoid of context, are simply baffling. Here are some of my favorites, in no particular order:


It may not be significant, but the divorce evil and peanut butter developed at about the same time.

There doesn’t seem to be much trouble meeting expenses — one meets them everywhere.

Twenty-four camels have arrived for distribution to zoos in this country, says a dispatch. They’ll like it here.

Doubtless the twin-bed idea was originated by a man whose wife liked to eat crackers in bed.

Any flyer who has 110,000,000 with him is justified in saying "We."

Distribution is the big problem. Many a man with buttons on his coat sleeve uses a nail for a suspender button.

A bill has been introduced in the Indiana legislature which would authorize the Secretary of State to issue permits to children under sixteen years of age to drive their automobiles back and forth to school. This would also enable the youngsters to drive out into the country and get their lunch fresh from the cow.

Now they are charging crookedness in some of the chess tournaments. Next thing you know they will be telling us that the croquet games are fixed, too.

Entertainment by radio isn’t wholly satisfactory. It gives people no opportunity to show off their new clothes.

One way to build the world’s greatest navy would be for the ladies to contribute the money they now spend for compacts.

If your trouble is so obscure that five specialists are needed to diagnose it, your income tax is something over $7,584.

Fable: They had to choose between a new rug and new tires, and they bought a new rug.


Want to read more? (And how could you not?) Just check out these links.

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The Dakota

(home of John Lennon and Yoko Ono)

Is it just me or does this place look totally like it should be a horror movie set for every single horror movie set in Manhattan?!?! Yeah. 😀

Mother’s Day 2009

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Resident Evil Afterlife 3D Movie Poster 4280

Resident Evil Afterlife 3D Movie Poster Billboard on side of a building near the Holland Tunnel – Hollywood sign destruction Milla Jovovich video game film at the corner of Broome and Varrick in Tribeca NYC – 9/9/2010 – New York City Street – Hawaii 5 O poster in Background

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NYC – Financial District: Zuccotti Park – Joie de Vivre and Equitable Building

A 70-foot-tall bright red steel sculpture that adorned St. John’s Rotary at the entrance to the Holland Tunnel from 1998 to 2003 is back in Lower Manhattan. "Joie de Vivre," by the New York sculptor Mark di Suvero, was installed in the newly redesigned Zuccotti Park, formerly known as Liberty Plaza Park. It is the first permanent sculpture by Mr. di Suvero in New York City. Joie de Vivre was created in 1997 for an exhibition at Les Invalides in Paris. After St. John’s Rotary, Mr. Henry said, it was on view at the Storm King Art Center in Mountainville, N.Y.

At its completion in 1915, the Equitable Building was the largest office building in the world in square footage. This massive structure by Peirce Anderson of Ernest Graham & Associates, with its entrances in the form of triumphal arches and its classical ornamental detail, was a speculative venture, largely planned by Thomas Du Pont, that houses the headquarters of Equitable Life, as well as the offices of many other small firms. The bulk of the H-shaped building, rising 38 stories with n setbacks, provoked great controversy and was of-cited by opponents of unregulated growth as an example of the evils of skyscraper construction. Its presense helped pass the first zoning law in the United States in 1916. A restoration by Ehrenkrantz, Eckstut & Whitelaw was completed in 1990.

The Equitable Building was designated a landmark by the New York Landmarks Preservation Commission in 1996.

Equitable Building National Register #78001869

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NYC – East Village: St. George Ukrainian Catholic Church

This historicist style church in classical Ukrainian Byzantine style was built on the corner of 7th Street and Taras Shevchenko Place by Appolinaire Osadaca was built in 1978. Ukrainians in New York City celebrated their first Ukrainian rite liturgy on October 10, 1890 at the church of St. Brigid on Avenue C. Fifteen years passed before Ukrainians had an organized church in this area. It was 1905 when St. George’s Ukrainian Catholic Church was established with its first location at 332-340 East 20th Street and First Avenue. By 1907 the parish was experiencing a rapid growth, having performed among other services some 200 marriages. St. George parish moved to 7th Street between Second and Third Avenues in 1911. A Methodist church was purchased and adapted to the Ukrainian Byzantine rite, and officially blessed on October 22, 1911. In 1940 the parish established an elementary school and subsequently a high school which was accredited by the State of New York. In 1958, a 3 million dollar school building was built and presently it serves both as St. George Elementary School and St. George Academy.

Prominent in Ukrainian church architecture is the dome, or cupola, representing heaven and the universe. Inside St. George’s dome is an icon of Christ the Pantocrator with the inscription: "I am the Resurrection and Life." Christ is supported by four archangels with interlocking wings while a number of six-winged cherubs look on. The portico of the church has a mosaic of Christ circumscribed with the words: "Come to me all of you who labor and carry heavy burdens and I will give you rest." The mural includes Ukrainians in native costume. In the background is an image of St. George Cathedral in Lviv, Ukraine and the historical Kievan St. Sophia Cathedral (Kyiv, Ukraine). Directly above the doorway of the inner entrance is a mosaic of the church’s patron saint George slaying the dragon symbolizing the constant struggle between good and evil.

The St. George complex is completed by a new multidwelling apartment building which presently houses the rectory, convent and multiple dwellings for members of the community.

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Evil Town

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roof: Equity, Law, and Truth; pediment: Guardians Of The Records, Forces Of Evil, Courage, Justice, Wisdom, and Forces Of Light

Equity, Law, and Truth: sculpture; Guardians Of The Records, Forces Of Evil, Courage, Justice, Wisdom, and Forces Of Light: relief; all: Frederick Warren Allen, 1924, exterior, County Courthouse, Civic Center, Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA

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