We saw this evil looking building from far away and just had to view it up close. So we strolled around and found a very old church that has withstood the years.

Credit goes to Flickr (Rachelle49 ) for this mind blowing evil building. Original date: 2011-08-07 20:07:48

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2014-03-10 05 HH Airport, östlich Flughafen. Bizarr !

Viel schlimmer kann ein Kleingarten wohl kaum liegen.
Much worse a small garden can’t hardly be.

This amazing evil building was found from Flickr by user kaianderkiste . Original date: 2015-03-11 16:12:55

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Dachau Entrance

The entrance to the Dachau Concentration Camp north of Munich, Germany

Discovered on Flickr (Two Thumbs ) for this dark evil building. Original date: 2009-10-03 10:05:23

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train tracks

leaving Dresden…. evil train tracks!

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Slika govori ko 1000 reči, ali fora je što je spomenik u Zapadnom delu grada. Na ranim slikama ovog spomenika, lepo se vidi, on glanc nov, kako stoji u moru ruševina. Rujama je izgleda bio prvi posao da dignu spomenik čim su zauzeli grad. I ovog vojnika su mora biti, unapred izlili, odmah posle bitke za Moskvu i gotovog doneli u Nemačku.

Ah, this sends shivers down my spine. Our Russian brothers crushing the backbone of the Evil Empire. Thunderstorm of led and steel. Blood and Glory!

Big catch is that the monument actually lies on the West side of the Cold War divide. You can see it on early photos, standing brand new proud amongst the wasteland of ruins. It seams that the first thing our beloved Russian brethren did was to build a monument. I bet they even brought the statue, premade and already cast in bronze.

As seen on Flickr (StaneStane ) for this monstrous evil building. Original date: 2007-07-20 08:38:33

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Saarbrücken (43)

Georg J. von Hauberrisser, the architect who designed the town halls in Munich and Wiesbaden, was also responsible for the construction of Saarbrücken’s Neo-Gothic town hall, which was erected between 1897 and 1900. It is dominated by the 54 m tower, from which the carillon sounds daily at 3.15 pm and 7.19 pm.

The authentically preserved façade is decorated with sandstone statues representing the trades of bygone times. There is a miner, a smelter, a farmer, a brewer, a merchant, and a tanner. The significance of the figures of St. George and the dragon is unclear, but they probably represent the battle between good and evil. Inside it is worth taking a look at the ballroom, which provides the venue for over 1,000 marriages per year in a festive atmosphere.

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Kuppel vom Berliner Dom

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The medieval Eltz Castle located in Wierschem, Germany, has been owned and occup…

The medieval Eltz Castle located in Wierschem, Germany, has been owned and occupied by the same family for over 850 years/33 generations. #evilbuildings #fairytale #castle #germany #13thCentury #13thCenturyGermany

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The medieval Eltz Castle located in Wierschem, Germany, has been owned and occup…, Credit goes to Twitter (Aleah) for this dark evil building.