I was curious about the old boot that was nailed to the fence around this beautiful, lonely, abandoned house. According to research it was a common ritual in the late 1800’s-early 1900’s to place certain objects in or around the home for protection against witches and evil spirits.
It turns out that shoes/boots are the most common objects discovered. They are typically well worn and in most cases only a single shoe or boot will be discovered.
The very day after I took this photo—the house was torn down.

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King Edward College

King Edward VI College is a highly recognised selective state sixth form college, located in Stourbridge, England, in the West Midlands area. It is situated in the centre of Stourbridge, to the north of the town centre. In 2008, the college was listed as ‘outstanding’ following an inspection by Ofsted.

The college’s motto is the same motto as that of the Order of the Garter. Translated from Old French it meant "Shame be to him who thinks evil of it"

The original school was founded on 21 May 1430 and was known as the Chantry School of Holy Trinity. The charter for the grammar school was granted on 17 June 1552 by King Edward VI. It became a selective sixth form college in September 1976 due to the introduction of comprehensive education in the Dudley borough, which Stourbridge had been incorporated into 2 years earlier and most of the rest of the borough had followed suit with a year earlier.


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CameraNikon D90
Exposure0.005 sec (1/200)
Focal Length16 mm
ISO Speed 1600

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You better lock the door.

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One man is bigger than the house


God’s Work, God’s Disposition, and God Himself III

Now let’s look at the following passage: “But I say to you, That in this place is one greater than the temple. But if you had known what this means, I will have mercy, and not sacrifice, you would not have condemned the guiltless. For the Son of man is Lord even of the sabbath day” (Mat 12:6-8). What does “temple” refer to here? To put it simply, “temple” refers to a magnificent, tall building, and in the Age of Law, the temple was a place for priests to worship God. When the Lord Jesus said “in this place is one greater than the temple,” who did “one” refer to? Clearly, “one” is the Lord Jesus in the flesh, because only He was greater than the temple. What did those words tell people? They told people to come out of the temple—God had already come out and was no longer working in it, so people should seek God’s footsteps outside of the temple and follow His steps in His new work. The background of the Lord Jesus saying this was that under the law, people had come to see the temple as something greater than God Himself. That is, people worshiped the temple rather than worshiping God, so the Lord Jesus warned them not to worship idols, but to worship God because He is supreme. Thus, He said: “I will have mercy, and not sacrifice.” It is evident that in the eyes of the Lord Jesus, most people under the law no longer worshiped Jehovah, but were merely going through the process of sacrificing, and the Lord Jesus determined that this process was idol worship. These idol-worshipers saw the temple as something greater, and higher than God. In their hearts there was only the temple, not God, and if they lost the temple, they lost their dwelling place. Without the temple they had nowhere to worship and could not carry out their sacrifices. Their so-called dwelling place is where they operated under the banner of worshiping Jehovah God, allowing them to stay in the temple and carry out their own affairs. Their so-called conducting sacrifices was just to carry out their own personal shameful dealings under the guise of conducting their service in the temple. This was the reason people at that time saw the temple as greater than God. Because they used the temple as a cover, and sacrifices as a guise for cheating people and cheating God, the Lord Jesus said this to warn people. If you apply these words to the present, they are still equally valid and equally pertinent. Although people today have experienced different work of God than people in the Age of Law experienced, the essence of their nature is the same. In the context of the work today, people will still do the same type of things as “the temple is greater than God.” For example, people see fulfilling their duty as their job; they see bearing witness to God and battling the great red dragon as political movements in defense of human rights, for democracy and freedom; they turn their duty to utilize their skills into careers, but they treat fearing God and shunning evil as nothing but a piece of religious doctrine to observe; and so on. Aren’t these expressions on the part of humans essentially the same as “the temple is greater than God”? Except that two thousand years ago, people were carrying out their personal business in the physical temple, but today, people carry out their personal business in intangible temples. Those people that treasure rules see rules as greater than God, those people that love status see status as greater than God, those that love their career see career as greater than God, and so on—all their expressions lead Me to say: “People praise God as the greatest through their words, but through their eyes everything is greater than God.” This is because as soon as people find an opportunity along their path of following God to display their own talents, or to carry out their own business or their own career, they distance themselves from God and throw themselves into the career that they love. As for what God has entrusted to them, and His will, those things have long been discarded. In this scenario, what is different about these people and the ones conducting their own business in the temple two thousand years ago?

from Continuation of The Word Appears in the Flesh

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the panzerfaust monument (2015/2016)

Credit goes to Flickr (www.untermaierhofer.com ) for this terrifying evil building. Original date: 2016-03-11 12:11:34

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Architecture from “the LAND of the BLUE EYES”

As far back as the 14th century massive roofs of houses in the Northern Dvina River Region of NW Russia were topped with an entire larch log, its roots hanging over the pediment of the house. From the root ball Russian carpenters used an axe to carve sculptures, often in the shape of a hen or a horse. These were called "okhlupen" and had the function of protecting inhabitants of the house from illnesses, thieves, fires and evil forces. There was a saying in the north of Russia, "Kuritsa na krishe, v dome tishe." "With a hen on the roof, it’s quiet at home."

Zakopane in the Sierras

Architecture from "the LAND of the BLUE EYES".

My lifelong thanks to my three Viking buddies from University of Montana… Arnstein Rustberggard of Gol, Klaus Urbye of Oslo, and Jan Brentebratten of Chicken Falls (Honefoss) for teaching me how to love all things NORGE !!!

Thanks goes out to my dear friend and business associate, Herr Gunter Kugler of Bremen who has faithfully guided us through much of this building project. From his vast knowledge in wood technology, to his love for the historical aspects of construction, from the Vikings to the Hansa Federation to his knowledge of construction in wood and other natural products…. he has helped our team develop this architectural style known as "from the LAND of the BLUE EYES". I look forward to our "first Cuban" and glass of Trockenbeerenauslese overlooking the 14th….

We began with a simple Carpathian Alps design known as Zakopane Style, after the alpine village of the same name in the podhale (alpine area) along the Polish/Slovakian border. From there we added architectural accoutrements covering a historical period from 1050AD to approximately 1920, in the modern age. We have incorporated door portals and shutter carvings from the old Stavkirke (Stave Churches) of Hallingdal, Telemark, and Urnes (Norway)… to roof details from the Novgorod/upper Dvina River Region of NW Russia… to window carvings from the old Prussia/Bohemian regions…… carved doors reminiscent of the Baltics, and various other folk details from the Hutsells of Ukraine and the goral (mtn people) in Poland.

This is Phase 1 of a larger compound to incorporate inspiration from European architecture as well as many such inspirations in our own High Sierras. Sites such as Vikingsholm at Lake Tahoe, the Hearst compound at Wyntoon, Rainbow Lodge, Sugarbowl, and Thunderbird Lodge.

Architect: Larry Pearson, PEARSON DESIGN GROUP, Bozeman, Montana

Master Builder: Matt & Ted Williams, WILLIAMS CONSTRUCTION, Clio, California

As seen on Flickr (The VIKINGS are Coming! ) for this terrifying evil building. Original date: 2012-08-27 18:42:35

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Resident not so Evil.

Just a nice looking apartment block down by Southbank.

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