Diwali Motorcade 2014 #32

This dark evil building was discovered at Flickr by user *Amanda Richards . Original date: 2014-10-23 16:35:48

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Cardiff Castle Clock Tower

This extravagantly decorated Clock Tower is the work of the architect William Burges. In 1865, Burges met John Patrick Crichton-Stuart, 3rd Marquess of Bute, who became Burges’s greatest architectural patron. Both of them sought to "redeem the evils of industrialism by re-living the art of the Middle Ages". Work began in 1868 on this 150 feet high Clock Tower. The Tower forms a suite of bachelor’s rooms, the Marquess not having married until 1872. These rooms are sumptuously decorated with gilding, carvings and cartoons, many allegorical in style, depicting the seasons, myths and fables.

Discovered on Flickr (hurlham ) for this dark evil building. Original date: 2014-04-02 01:15:12