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  1. I remember with the Olympics happened in Rio and the organizers tried to hide the poverty with walls. But the media kept on talking about it because of the walls

  2. I dont trust that structural engineering with each balcony having its own pool, what a maintenance nightmare

  3. Tfw when one side can afford a pool on every balcony while the other probably struggles to find clean water to drink

  4. I bet you they charge more money for the apartments with balconies that face away from the favela.

  5. Anyone seen “3%”? It’s a Brazilian Netflix show about 97% of the population living in extreme poverty, then when they turn 20 they go through a series of tests and 3% can pass on to the elite society. This photo reminds me of it. Great show, clearly inspired by real life

  6. Instead of reposting this here every month, can y’all just throw it on /r/Im14AndThisIsDeep please?

  7. Oh boy, this looks *very* dystopian but in an interesting way. It’s not all dark and gloomy, it just is

  8. What I appreciates about this sub is that it’s getting more evil buildings defined by its social implications and not just its aesthetics.

  9. I wonder if that neighborhood still looks like that… that picture has been circulating forever now.

  10. I’m not even sure how we, as a society, begin to fix this. These “literal poverty lines” are unfortunately all over the world. It’s sad,

  11. Imagine owning one of those pools.

    “Ah, what a nice view of the city. Look at all of the busy poor folk.”

  12. Reminds me of the Youtube series Weird City, where the plot is set in a similar setting with a poverty line dividing the ‘poorer’ and old school citizens, and the richer and futuristic citizens. It’s pretty good, kinda like Black Mirror meets CollegeHumour.

    That being said, it’s sad that the show reflects on the real world. 🙁

  13. There’s a similar place in Rio’s Ipanema district. My ex girlfriend lives on a high-rise tower and she has direct frontal view to a huge favela from her bedroom window.

  14. Good to see someone has the correct city. I’ve seen this countless times where the city was New Delhi in India. Although this is still a sad picture.

  15. And they voted for the most right wing fascist guy they could find. Brazil is going to be even more of a nightmare – for decades.

    And if Americans don’t start doing something about income disparity – we are going to be like this as well.

  16. Still, that pool/patio/garden terrace apartment is a fraction of the price of a basement room with a hot plate in San Francisco.

  17. Honest question, how does real estate work on the picture on the left? Obviously on the right, that would be bought and sold in a relatively normal fashion but the left… Do you just go there, find an empty spot and start building? Are there actually realtors that sell those houses with for sale signs?

  18. lol Imagine being rich and your patio looks out over favelas. Might take the blush off your mimosa, I’d think. But, hey, you’re rich! /s

  19. Looks like the poor people are climbing the wall and stealing the rich people grass and topsoil…

  20. My Social Studies teacher in grade 10 actually used this picture when teaching us about the term disparity. Crazy pic.

  21. This is literally the Brazilian show on Netflix “3%”
    Didn’t know that shit was based off the truth.
    Great si-if dystopia show if anyone is interested

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