Colosseum panorama

This was the first glimpse of the Colosseum we had during our stay in Rome earlier this year, just having exited the subway station. It was a Sunday which I guess meant that there were no cars allowed in parts of the inner city. That’s why people are walking all over the road – but then again, they do that any day of the week. Well, at least there are no cars ruining this shot…

There were just heaps of tourists lumped in and all around the Colosseum that day. We decided to go to the Palatine Hill first – you need only one ticket for the Hill, the Colosseum and the Forum Romanum, and the lines at the Hill were supposed to be shorter. Turns out it was Italian History Week and all tickets were free (though you still needed one). =) After we were done on the Hill, there were a lot less people around the Colosseum and we got in pretty quickly – quicker still since we didn’t need to get in line to get tickets. Muahaha.

This picture doesn’t really capture the awesomeness of the place, though. If you have the chance, go there and take a look for yourself. It’s definitely worth it!

Stitched from 3 portrait shots.

This magnificent evil building was spotted on Flickr by user Yaisog Bonegnasher . Original date: 2009-06-11 20:06:18

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