Eastend – front door

Eastend’s, not particularly grand, front door, placed in a position where it could not be defended from within the building, which supports my theory that this tower is 18th or 19th century.

In the Privy Council records of 1609 it is recorded that Thomas Carmichael of Eastend, along with other followers of the Douglases, including other Carmichael and Lanarkshire lairds, were accused of bearing evil will against Andro, Lord Stewart of Ochiltree, on account of the slaughter of James, Lord Torthorwald; they were charged to appear before Council to give assurances of keeping the King’s peace, under pain of rebellion, and to find caution not to injure the person of the said Lord Ochiltree. Otherwise, the Carmichaels of Eastend seem to have led comparatively uneventful lives, mostly only appearing on the pages of history among the marriage records. The house managed to survive the turbulent years of the mid-17th century, during which the nearby 14th century castle at Carmichael House was destroyed by Cromwell’s men – reconstruction taking nearly a century to complete. Having eventually passed out of the hands of the family, Eastend was purchased by the Carmichaels again in 1989.

This terrifying evil building was discovered at Flickr by user arjayempee . Original date: 2010-08-29 03:48:25

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