10 Scariest Places In The World

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36 Replies to “10 Scariest Places In The World”

  1. "Scariest places in the world" big hole. Jesus statue, an auditorium.. really? The only thing remotely freaky is the asylum. Which didnt even have a freaky backstory. Gtfo.

  2. "Number 1: The Sneaking Death! known, as, "el gatito realmente lindo" in Spanish. Look at, this beast. Isn't it…scaaary. look at it's, whiskers. They twitch wildly, as it contemplates when to pounce. At-your-ankle. It may not seem that scary, at first, but wait until, you walk, through it's favorite…sandbox! You may have to throw. your shoes. a. waaay! *dun dun DUUUUUN*"

  3. Long time ago when the sun still planet volcanic eruption and explosion happened continuesly until the whole planet covered by sulfuric fire, all type gases where suck by this planet such as nitrogen, oxygen, and helium from outer space then asteroid and comets hit the other planets the balanced of habitat were broken in other planet including their moon orbiting them. The asteroid and comets are from sun not outer space. All race or species of living aliens from more than thousands planets were collected and they brought to blue planet name Saahettan were all living aliens fits the habitats, now they call the planet as Earth. They categorized the aliens according to their characteristic and sound. They call people as human according to their ability to survive and upgrade their knowledge. Every leader's of all alien species wants power and leadership they killed other species for food, cannibalism happen, slavery happen and produced new breed or species. No wonder why you have dreams including other species of mammal and animals their brain and our brain had different type signals once you developed you can control other brains on what they will say or think. Before very easy to travel and very fast. Now once you enter the limit distances of planets you will crashed landed to all planets you cannot return anymore there is force pushing down to every planets but them no problem.
    * These was the stories of colorless illuminating species landed in my room in other country I've work for, they gave me treatment
    In my right knee because of big bumps and uric acid I can't stand and walk, advance treatment lazer were applied. They said don't be afraid and nothing to be afraid we are the doctor's. After that I woke up I thought it was a dream or nightmare the pain and big bumps are missing. I stand and walk its normal. They said stop the destruction because destruction will come naturally don't make it fast human. What they said what happened to planet called sun will happen to Saahettan or Earth continues eruption of volcanos until all living alien species will burned and drowned to death. They said do not search or look for aliens because all are aliens species in Saahettan or Earth.

    *Can somebody confirm to me if there is alien called The Doctor's? If there is aliens The Doctors, it means the stories are true if not it is not true.

  4. Nothing scarey about these things what so ever except the diamond d mine in Russia..I'd say the Russian mafia and Putin have disposed of many a dead body down it…

  5. Well yea the victims and I'm not talking about the so called staff a dr 😶took advantage over the victims I don't even want to imagine what went on in there tourcher RAPE MURDER after all these noone believed these poor innocent souls after all their all CRAZY Right 😶So YES I believe SOULS WONDER wouldn't YOU

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