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  1. Fermilab. Looks evil, but really isn’t. Ride by there on my bike often. Lots of space around to accomodate the accelerator ring (google earth it if you’re curious). Semi-restricted access, so not much traffic on the roads or bike paths. Took my son there for his first driving lesson a number of years ago to make mistakes where he wouldn’t run into anyone.

  2. Watching stranger things I thought, who has a secret science lab in the middle of town? That’s crazy. But then I felt dumb. I grew up in Batavia, home of Fermi Lab. But they aren’t so secret. The campus is a great place for prairie walks and fishing!

  3. Evil Fact: Since forever there was an awesome Foucault’s pendulum that swung back and forth in the atrium of the building, hanging from the top floor and skimming across a sand filled base on the lobby floor. However, in 2010 a visiting Russian scientist (F, 24) took her life (for reasons unknown) by jumping from one of the upper floors inner balcony. She actually landed on the pendulum and broke it. After the incident they removed the pendulum (never repairing/reinstalling it) and I believe the upper levels no longer have open access to the atrium. Source: A family friend is a safety guy at the facility.

  4. I used to work at Fermi Lab. Only evil thing about that building is the time somebody threw themselves off the top floor and crashed down onto a sculpture in the main area of the lobby.

  5. My awesome physics major buddy worked there this summer and I had the unique opportunity to visit this place. As someone who never even took high school physics it baffling how they detect particle decomposition.

  6. Been there loads of times. It’s really nice on the inside. On a clear day, you can see really far from the top floor.

  7. Used to work in that building (10th floor – neutrino physics). Loved every second of it. There are even more evil looking buildings throughout the lab, but they likely smell like mildew, rats, and old scientists.

    Go there if you’re near Chicago! It’s open to the public (most of it), and they even have a herd of buffalo!


  8. I worked here for a summer making spreadsheets when I was in high school. It was a great first job! I even got my own cubicle.

  9. Driven by many times but never actually been inside. I know a lot of people who went on field trips there when they were younger

  10. I went to the fermilab probably 20 times(including a tour of the building) while growing up since I lived about 8 miles away in Aurora. Neat place

  11. Hey I know this place, it’s Fermilab, and it’s definitely not evil. Robert Wilson, the person behind the construction of the majority of it, was extremely concerned about the environment when designing the lab. There are multiple wildlife preserves on the site, and the Wilson walked the path of the main through, which goes through a decently sized group of trees, to find the path that required removing the least amount of trees. I did a physics program there last year and it was everything about it was amazing, but one of my favorite parts was being able to explore the site more freely, and hopefully I’ll be going back for an internship this summer. The only problem is that in front of this building there’s a rectangular Swiss flag, when it’s supposed to be square.

  12. Aw man, I went on a field trip there not too long ago, it was incredible inside that hall! There were so many cool things and history that they had about what Fermilab did and what it’s working on now. Wish I could go more often.

  13. > A SQUAT grey building of only thirty-four stories. Over the main entrance the words, CENTRAL LONDON HATCHERY AND CONDITIONING CENTRE, and, in a shield, the World State’s motto, COMMUNITY, IDENTITY, STABILITY.

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