Caerdeon St Philip Gwynedd

Yet another remote church, only a couple of hundred yards from the main road, but totally hidden. We found St Philip locked, which was odd as this is normally open, sadly it has fallen on evil times, it was closed down a week before we visited and had been locked, the congregation had reduced to just three and the vicar called it a day apparently. The sign detailing this pointed to keyholder back down the road, so I sought the chap out and had an interesting conversation with him, he was the treasurer and was trying to offload the whole thing, apparently the nearby village of Bontddu were upset at the closure but nobody had come forward to keep things going, so closure was the only option. I pointed out to him that the FoFC might be interested in this historic church.

A steep site, with a terraces S facing churchyard, surrounded by trees, it’s an interesting exercise in Arts and Craft design, using the local stone to create a church that looks as if it belongs in the Alps, with a S facing loggia and a massive quadruple bellcote with an interesting, but very weathered pulley system, a unique and exciting exterior. The interior struggles to keep up with the exterior, but it has several Arts’n’Craft details as well as some good glass, its creation being based in the late 19th C as the local church at Barmouth, or Llanaber (depending on your source) would not do services in English, so a church was built to provide this!

This terrifying evil building was found from Flickr by user Droffats . Original date: 2014-10-13 05:35:24