46 Replies to “This photo I took of a theme park entrance in Holland Evil Buildings”

  1. This is funny, I never saw how it could look evil, but the filter does it. It looks very magical without the filter.

  2. Dude, Efteling has some cool shit. If you’re ever in the neighborhood, it’s easily the prettiest amusement park I’ve been to.

  3. Papeer here! I havnt been in 15+ years but I hope they never changed the waste bin recording

  4. Efteling is such a good theme park, easily my most favorite. The scenery in attractions is done so well

  5. The elves are pretty creepy too. Great theme park tho, the Eagle and bobsleigh rides are amazing.

    Also for a euro you can make a chicken hatch a kinder egg toy

  6. This makes me think a horror-themed theme park would actually be pretty fun. Like Halloweentown.

  7. That’s actually near where I live, if you go inside there are big statues that ask for your trash and then suck it up.

  8. Oh wow! I remember this theme park! Went there when I was maybe six years old. Didn’t remember this evil vibe though.

  9. Omg I’ve been there! It’s so cool! But yeah that entrance is kinda evil looking. Is there still a time machine just inside the entrance?

  10. Looks like it drew inspiration from some of those old Scandinavian stave churches. They’ve got those evil-looking spires too.

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