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  1. hardened ground level entrance, no lower level windows, why are russians already prepared for zombies?

  2. I’ve actually been right around where this was taken. I used to be a cruise ship musician. It’s relatively close to where the ships dock for St. Petersburg. I agree, when you first pull up, it looks depressing AF, but St. Petersburg itself is actually a really cool city.

  3. It’s really cozy, and you know all your neighbors on your floor, because you don’t have to move. You see, your apartment is your home. No one moves because people didn’t rent. You just kinda had the apartment given to you after being on a list or whatever. Sure if you had no job, it would be hard, especially for food. Your gas and water may be cut off. But you could always go to the clinic. There was no health insurance. You need to go to a doctor you just go. And you always had your apartment. It was your home, you were safe there. Things could happen, people would move away, or move in. But not as often as you’d think. It was a sense of community and stability. Even when people around you didn’t have much. It wasn’t better, but different, and it was our home.

  4. does anyone know if there is a subreddit that captures scenes similar to the above (not evil building specific)? Kinda random request, but something about snow+dusk/dawn+grey color scheme creates a kind of silence in a photo I swear I can almost hear?

  5. I live in a similar building! It has a rectangle shape, one massive pillar (that’s also the main staircase) that goes below the ground and into the garages, and in each side about 10 V pillars that hold the weight of the building. It’s a 15 story building. Surprisingly the flats are spacious, for example the one I’m living in is a 7 room, 3 (2 but 2 stairways, the third is only the entrance) level and even contrary to popular belief, I’m not a lower middle class, nor low class.

  6. The building would look a lot less grim if anyone cared to paint the facade light/bright colors. I’ve seen Soviet Brutalist-style buildings with this type of “facelift”, makes a huge difference. It would also help if people would get same type of windows for their balconies.
    Not that I’m defending the style but sometimes it is what it is and it’s all you have to work with.

  7. I lived in one of these for a while. The garbage shutes and collection bin had thousands of rats living in them.

  8. it’s not an urbanhell or something like this. this photo is saturated and has a high contrast. Actually it is pretty good place nearby the sea and it is nice in the summer.

  9. St. Petes or not, any place surrounded by other buildings and city streets is not the middle of nowhere.

  10. I know nothing about architecture but this looks like it shouldn’t even be standing. Like it could collapse at any moment. Would a building like this be legal in the US?

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