Another unnecessarily sinister-seeming building courtesy of the Port Authority. I did not Photoshop this image I am literally telling the truth, it is just that the sky darkened and the contrast of the world increased considerably as one neared this eldritch edifice, literally

Okay I Photoshopped it but nonetheless what’s the deal

Seriously, you often see a building of exaggeratedly demonic demeanor when traversing America’s cities, and I’ve always wondered, like, did people not realize that their building once complete was going to look like someplace where you’d expect midnight human sacrifices to be held – and if they did apprehend that fact, well, is that what they wanted?


"Hello again, members of the Board. I’ve got some preliminary conceptual drawings from our architectural team here today of styles we could utilize in the completion of our latest infrastructural project, and I just wanted to get your opinions. First, we’ve got ourselves a Queen Anne sort of thing, you know, all sash windows and everybody running around yelling "Expelliarmus" and "Avada Kedavra." And then we’ve got an Art Deco look, here, like, Empire State and listening to George Gershwin on your phonograph while polishing off your third martini of the day. And finally, we’ve got an excellent exemplar of the Evil architectural style, resembling nothing so much as the dark outpost of an unknowable otherworld entity. What do you all think?"

"The third one. Evil. Love Evil." "I agree as well. Definitely go with that one."


Found on Flickr (cormano.wild ) for this dark evil building. Original date: 2011-05-14 00:42:01