17 Replies to “Clinton Square in Syracuse, NY Evil Buildings”

  1. I don’t know how but I’m convinced that tree is sucking all the Christmas spirit out of the town and hording it for some supervillain who just REALLY loves Christmas.

    Like a bizarro Dr. Doofenshmirtz

  2. I go here for Christmas every year and we skate. I always walk off the ice thinking I’ve never been this cold in my life. Same thing, every year.

  3. Deck the Halls with crimson tidings

    *Fa lalala la la la la la*

    Murder them and hide the bodies

    *Fa lalala la la la la la*

    Don we now our Doom aparell

    *Fa lalala la la la la la*

    Go the ancient fuel timed Carnage

    *Fa lalala la la la la la*

  4. I only just found out that there is another syracuse outside of italy, and am now irrationally angry at the amount of american city names that are straight up stolen from europe.

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