50 Replies to “This apartment complex looks like the Twin Towers on 9/11 Evil Buildings”

  1. These were the proposed South Korea Twin Towers. They were unveiled in 2011 with much criticism. The project went through several redesigns and was eventually cancelled completely.

    [Here’s the Twin Towers on 9/11 which draws the resemblance](https://i.imgur.com/Z2iM1Vc.jpg)

    It is a rather cool concept. Maybe they couldve tweaked the design a bit by changing the shapes or even adding a 3rd or 4th building.

    The skybridge cloud was intended for a conference center, restaurants and a pool

  2. As a side: my boyfriend’s 75 year old Dad has recently discovered Friends. He also frequently takes photos of things on TV or on his laptop with his phone (rather than saving the image on his laptop). Day before yesterday, I walked in to offer him a cuppa and he had Friends paused on one of those between scene bits of the Twin Towers. He told me he’s been photographing the Twin Towers throughout the series of Friends cause it’s amazing to see them “lit up, looking normal, some clouds, at night, in the day”. He melts my heart the silly bean.

  3. I see it more as some sort of Tron like computer glitch visual.

    Habitat 67 got teleported into some towers.

  4. I’m an Ironworker, I could only imagine how fucking annoying it would have been to work on those buildings.

  5. This is an architect’s dream and an engineer’s worst nightmare.


    The sheer load triggered by building sway would break the thing in half.


    Most cross-building bridges at that height must be specially engineered to perform during a heavy building sway event. The idea of replacing a bridge with habitable units is absolutely ridiculous from a tectonic standpoint.


    Seems like malpractice to even propose such a thing.

  6. The only problem is the fact that putting stress in the middle of two buildings like this would increase their bending moments, thus their decreased yield point. Looks cool, will break without increasing cost

  7. For a second before i really looked, i thought the darker image on the right was the twin towers for comparison

  8. Wasn’t this designed to look like two skyscrapers going through a cloud and then US Americans got all offended because obviously every country in the world only thinks about September 11th?

  9. Architect: I want to build something to honor the victims of 9/11, something like the twin towers, y’know?

    Investor: That’s fine, but make it Halal

    Architect: You got it boss

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