Second Gilded Age: mansion in Potomac

It isn’t just that there are people with grotesquely large incomes, thanks to our bubble economy and Bush tax policies — what makes this seem like a return of the Gilded Age is that people with those incomes share a need with their Robber Baron counterparts to build these over-the-top, in-your-face houses.

When we toured the equally-over-the-top Breakers mansion in Newport, one of the stops on the recorded house tour featured a Vanderbilt grand-daughter lamenting that this wonderful life was brought to an end by that evil income tax and it was such a shame all the mansions had to close and sit there and they couldn’t provide all those nice jobs for all the cooks and gardeners and all those nice parties for their friends. Well, we’re headed back there.

Found on Flickr (lreed76 ) for this monstrous evil building. Original date: 2012-08-16 18:53:18

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