94 Replies to “Church in Norway Evil Buildings”

  1. This is cheating. Anything can look bad if you put shitty filters on them. Has anyone ever submitted the palace in magic Kingdom to evilbuildings? Put a filter on it, mess with the contrast, maybe put a picture of Stalin in it for good measure, BOOM, easy karma.

  2. There are some of these in the Gudbrandsdal area and they are truly magnificent. Incredible that they did this way back in the day, without all the machinery available currently.

  3. Contractor: “Hey priest what do you want for decoration on the outside?”

    Priest: “crosses, only on the corners of the roof nearest God.”


  4. The Vikings were some badass motherfucking Jesus worshippers. Or at least, I would say that if I knew it was even old enough to have been occupied by Vikings.

  5. There’s some church that’s super old that was brought to the us and it looks very similar to this. I think it was from Norway but I cannot remember.

  6. There’s a stave church hidden in the forest on Washington Island in Door County. It’s a really magical thing to find it, especially when you didn’t even know you were looking for it.

  7. how this post that was here probably no more than 2 weeks ago gets 13k upvotes is beyond me. people are stupid.

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