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  1. Among other holdings, Iberdrola owns Central Maine Power, the largest public electric utility here in Maine. There have been ongoing investigations for months now at the state public utility commission because at least 97,000 customers got overcharged by at least 50% for months after they “upgraded” to a new billing software last winter. When people started complaining the rates mysteriously dropped back to normal. For example mine went from $70 to $160 for two months, and back to $70-80 for the rest of the winter.

    Of course CMP and Iberdrola could find no problems with the billing software after an internal review, lol. They said it was because of a cold snap we had, which meant that people were using more electricity. Which is funny because I heat with wood and oil….

    EDIT: corrected number of overcharged customers to 97,000 and overcharge % to 50%.

  2. Do they get electricity free? Do they pay another company? Is there an endless cycle of electric companies paying other companies?

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