BUILDING AN EPIC EVIL LAIR BASE IN FALLOUT 76: Base Building Locations – Fallout 76 Gameplay

Welcome to Fallout 76 Base Building. The Base Building in Fallout 76 is one of the core gameplay components. This mechanic allows you to build amazing …
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  1. Hi @ParagonHex , good job on the builds, keep the vids coming! 👍 a little tip – some workshops have a much higher build budget than camps, so you could build much bigger there, you should check that out 😉

  2. I came here to laugh. I'm lv 83, the build limit prevents any and all "epic" description of your CAMP. Add to that the requirement to rebuild it because the game just desides to remove your CAMP. I rebuilt mine yesterday. I refuse to do it again. The blueprints won't place. Fuck this empty shithole of a game.

  3. Watching you build is a tiny bit frustrating a whole lot of entertaining lol. The order that you have to build stuff so it works is just weird. I messed around with this for hours today figuring it out. Also, where are you from? You have a nice accent.

  4. That floating exploit does work and can get some amazing results. I did mine in the with the cage looking stairs as i didnt know it would work with the post. I got a pretty sweet floating cliffside base along with a floating Cat Photo that watches you when you rest on the bed

  5. a core mechanic that u cant enjoy since every time u log on someone buid on your place and you have to find a new place but u cant place the blue print…or u log on ur can as gone and the spot u spend hours building it's still free….

  6. Holy fruit!! That’s so epic! you deserve lots of views for being an awesome person ect, every time I get a notification that u post a video I get hyped!

    Keep up the good work!💕🙂

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