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  1. Whats wrong with it? It’s not evil, just a regular building, how bout you come inside OP? Have some cake ^^^^^or ^^^^^death … I want to show you this **really** nice bone saw I just got. It’s great, you’re gonna love it.

  2. Looks super innocuous for a place where a man was tortured, killed, and cut up into small pieces for transit

  3. The funny thing is, I bet there are people working there who are just paper pushers and secretaries. And yet they probably know what’s going. Just like people in every country in earth where people are so worried about losing their jobs that they just keep their heads down and work while terrible things happen around them.

  4. For those who dont know whats going on: A Saudi journalist got lost in this building. He entered in but didnt get out and nobody from Saudi Arabia made any statement about this lost man. Some say he is killed there and some say secretly kidnapped and put in a jail in SA. No official announcement by far…

    It became a big mystery in Turkey for more than a week.

  5. The building isn’t evil though. Just the hit squad that brought their bone saw and janitorial supplies there.

  6. He’s hackin’ and wackin’ and smackin’

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    He just hacks, wacks, choppin’ that meat

  7. I don’t even remember the world being this upset with the Saudis ever. Even after they sponsored a bunch of terrorists to hijack airplanes and fly them into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon and have one crash in the middle of an open field only for USA to bomb Iraq and Afghanistan. But hey! Times have changed!

  8. It just looks like a big white boring building. I thought the point of this sub was for buildings that *look* evil. Not ones that just had evil things happen in them.

  9. Which entrance is this? The one in the video has a white awning, this one has a brown one. Maybe this is an old photo.

  10. It’s both located in Turkey, an awful country, in Istanbul, a city built on rape, murder, and fratricide, and is the embassy of the most awful Arab country.

  11. Hey they got a water jug delivered, it must be for water boarding

    Edit: you can see it right by the door

  12. This sub is for ‘evil’ looking buildings, not buildings that represent something you’re against

  13. Can we not just resort to posting pictures of buildings owned by people we don’t like. The FCC building, Bangladeshi government building and this have no reason to be here.

  14. An extremist with ties to terror was murdered by a totalitarian regime handsomely-paid to be our greatest ally in the middle east– mutually-assured through American military conquest on behalf of Saudi and Israeli regional agendas (oil pipeline and religious values, respectively.)

    I know most of the people on Reddit are probably young, but I encourage you to recall each and every time in our memory where national sentiments have been stirred to foment consent for military action: Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Sudan, the Congo, Syria. The justifications for military interventions started strong with Afghanistan and Iraq (9/11!), tenuous at best in hindsight, and rapidly decaying to the shallow “this country’s democratic elections are questionable” to inspire murdering the whole government cabinet, slaughtering thousands of civilians, and destabilizing the whole region. Delivering us to this most-recent Saudi Arabian mess, wherein a Muslim brotherhood guy we’ve never heard of has been brutally murdered within the borders of a country currently expressing extraordinary hostility to American and European entities. We’re being buttered up to support economic acts of war (sanctions) against our only realistic ally in the Middle East– why? Who stands to benefit? Follow the trail, just like with Syria, and let’s wait patiently for the role of Israeli or Turkish manipulations to become apparent to all.

  15. Can we not?

    The Saudis fucking suck, but do we really have to bring in geopolitics to a sub that is basically about architecture?

  16. Why does everybody keep calling in a consulate? We call them embassies here in the US. Is this something only the US does? Embassy? Consulate? What’s happening?

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