Crane 28

We are invaded. There is no place to hide. They are everywhere. Cranes. Cranes rising higher and higher.Each trying to outdo its neighbour in an effort to block out the sun. Cranes hauling construction materials up, up up. Up to build homes for the rich, far above the homeless who are left behind to sleep on the sidewalk. Why can’t just a few of these cranes be raising the hopes of these unfortunates? Just a small percentage of the homes built each year would eliminate the problem if they were for the homeless. Is this a just society? Is this a Christian society? No, I say it is mean spirited and evil to create a system where people are dying on the streets from lack of shelter amidst so much affluence.

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This mind blowing evil building was seen on Flickr by user Ronzig the Wizard . Original date: 2007-07-22 10:50:41

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