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27 Replies to “I Spent The Night EXPLORING The MOST Evil House In The UK! (OVERNIGHT CHALLENGE)”

  1. Don't down load that app what a way to get people gambling you more then likely got people that follow you and are gambling addicts and you shove that in their face before you bid starts wtf…. And then make a video on a house where someone was killed and milking it by using media footage about the place mmm something wrong here let's all sit back and laugh ha ha ha ha…… Ffs

  2. Congratulations.. New supporter here. And watching this video is very upsetting plus on what happened there as well.. I really wana go here but glad I watching your video about security. Great video

  3. That aint the most evil house in the UK you twat come on what about fred and rose wests house or the various other serial killer houses here you aint got nothing except click baiting shit

  4. Yo bro i remember you only had only had between 200 to 300 subs now look at you half a million subs thats insane man im proud you homeboy much love from a native from canada

  5. I like you and all but why do you tubers when exploring say “oh shit there’s a camera there” even tho they’ll be in front of millions of people on YouTube, this isn’t just towards you, just all YouTubers really.😂

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