Abandoned Sanitarium – Haunted by Evil Doctor?

In the pilot episode of Bumps in the Night, we explore the supposedly haunted DeJarnette Sanatorium. Dr. DeJarnette was an extremely vocal supporter of …
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  1. I recomend talking loud on purpose and saying "Hi were making a video, not here to mess with anyone, not with the cops". Your presence is known in those moments so aknowledge it openly it will reduce tension and chances of indicents. Great vid as always i love your guys' stuff ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  2. You Guys Are Fucking nuts. I love it. Nice effect with the echo. There is nothing there but you two. You guys are good. I am going to watch ALL of your videos. Just don't get too silly. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. you can definitely use that flashlight as a defensive weapon if you need to get away from anyone just full power or strobe in the face and high tell it out of their

  4. This is Staunton, Va. I know this place. I've made many nocturnal expeditions in my time, as have my friends. I also know a bi about it's connection to Nazi Germany as well. I have a. Title of mercury I found in the boiler building. You may have filmed a couple of my friends' beer cans. We did not do the graffiti, though. I stopped going when people started trashing the place.

  5. I love how the mic is so good to can hear his heart beating the whole time. just the fact the proper people dont add stupid sound affects makes me able to debunk certain noises and believe others more. Thank you for that guys!

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