New Mt. Carmel church

"Rebuilding what evil could not destroy" was the creed of the hundreds of volunteers from around the globe that donated their time and money to the rebuilding effort. The project was officially finished in 2000 and the doors opened. Volunteers planted 82 crepe myrtle trees in memory of each person who died. A name plaque at each has the persons name and age. As I walked through the trees, the names went by like a blur. You truly have no understanding of what 82 dead means until you’ve visited each and every grave.

Sadly there are only a handful of the survivors left to care for the 77 acres. All of them are elderly. Only 1 elderly man remains there on the property and he may have to leave 🙁 He came to Mt. Carmel in the early 1950’s from Australia. He has no other home. Clive Doyle is the most hardworking, honest, caring man I’ve ever met and my heart is breaking for him.

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This terrifying evil building was found from Flickr by user AzRedHeadedBrat . Original date: 2006-03-04 03:54:20

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