Evil Faces in Smoke of 9-11

Demon & human-like faces in the smoke of 9-11 at World Trade Center (WTC). More faces than other videos. Visit the web page for this at: …
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  1. Creepy, but they don't exist. Our minds are programmed to want to see order in chaos. It's the same reason we see the man in the moon or shapes in the clouds.

  2. at 0:57 as you clearly can see , it's a face of Osama bin laden looking down at the collapse of the
    North tower of the WTC… look how much HATE that face shows us with the tower crumbling down…
    that's a scary picture right there for us to see… rip to the 9/11 victims … 🙁

  3. 9-11-2001

    3 buildings levelled.
    7 total demolished.

    Malachi (01):9-11

    Malachi (02):9-11

    Malachi (03):9-11

    Malachi (04):(1),(2),(3)

    Malachi (1:1) – 2:(9)

    Sorry people, I don't want to think I just sound crazy, or that it might seem that God hates USA, but just because it sounds like God did this, this is not how it is supposed to sound by interpretation. It just means to me that God knows the future, and if we are all His creation then whatever happens is by His acknowledgment. That's all it means.

    Please let's stop hating one another, stop being involved in corruption, love one another, forgive all our neighbors, stop wanting blood, stop murdering, and remember that God created us. We did not create God, and we cannot create alternatives for Him or His Love.

    Let's pray that our government stops seeking help from the devil and his minions, and starts instead seeking the guidance of God's servants and prophets instead.

    The first 4 passages I was revealed by Spirit, and the 5th passage I just found online earlier today.

    Here is one that "world geniuses" can check the symbolism of for truth but was revealed to me at the mere opening of the Scriptures. The first few verses will reveal about this last year's world events. The rest that sounds like the happy ending I can't say exactly of a timeframe, but if it follows then that's a very big chance of a blessing hopefully soon. Yes, history tends to repeat itself, but let's hope we can learn to repeat some nice loving things as opposed to things of terror and hate.

    Jeremiah 33:1-11 (yes Turkey and the USA seems to sound like the Chaldeans and Babylon. Symbolism with indirect references is used in the Word of God alot in terms of prophetic messages. Even of cities, countries, religions, and politics).

    People out there who think they want all the power of the antichrist. .listen up! I got offered it before, and declined it. Never accept it people. It's like sleeping with a prostitute with a flesh eating disease without protection. No matter the price, no matter the beauty, no matter the seductive manner…..always refuse! Run away!

    If any of you are involved in corruption and are in fear that your family will be in harm if you speak up, know this: God controls a heart, and yes at times can snatch away the beats of it at random (irregular heart beat doesn't even come close to describing it) I know by personal experience. It's like knocking on a door, He can knock on yours or anyone else's if He wants to, lightning fast or to a standstill. So just pray that your family gets protected by HIM if you speak up, and not by any mere human capabilities. If God wants to intervene and protect you and/or reveal His wrath upon the ones involved so you are safe, then He will.

    Personal advice from me: Best to never ever take a job or keep one, if it involves corruption and murder, even if it does put alot of food on your table. Life is more than food and clothes.. especially more than fancy food and fancy clothes.

    Stop the corruption, stop the lies, stop the back stabbing, stop the hypocrisy.

    A house divided will not stand, right? Well then USA government needs to start from scratch then. Either that or eliminate the wickedness already. Yes, there is a God, and it's time people start to admit it already, stop hiding the facts that continually prove it, and start believing it for themselves as well.

    Matthew 10:24-36

    Ecclesiastes 1:3,2:4,3:5,4:6,5:7,6:8,7:9,8:10 – 9:11……………………..9:12

  4. It's ok to see faces here. You can see them in everything. But to think these have any meaning? Nah, I think you're fooled by your religion. I'm not against religion, but people, stay reasonable, ok?

  5. I see these kinda faces all the time come out of clouds, on walls, floors, shower walls as water runs down it, etc, very rarely do I see faces with out any evil look to them,  I keep it to my self because people will just think im nuts.. but its because when God forced lucifer & his fallen angels out of heaven the demons possessed all forms of matter/atoms/elements in this universal realm,, demons mostly chose to posses the carbon atom much more thou which has a make up of "666",, why in bible when Christ cast out a legion of demons out of a possessed man the demons asked Christ that he may send them out into a herd of pigs near by & then the pigs ran into sea & drown,, because for demons the carbon atom is the most important element that holds & creates life so as to say the carbon atom is an extension of the eternal tree of life that Lucifer so desperately wanted to obtain from God in heaven

  6. Maybe it's smoke? It's like looking at the clouds and seeing the outline of a cow or something it doesn't mean there is a holy cow floating in the sky
    Ffs people get real

  7. The image of the face was taken by an Associated Press photographer who downloaded it for publication immediately. Only two days later did he realise what was in the picture after numerous readers rang the papers that published it. Experts have confirmed its not photoshopped. Still think its fake? So when was the last cloud you looked at anything like this image? Whos fooling who?

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