Rumah Betang Dayak Kanayatn

Pontianak, Kalimantan Barat (West Kalimantan), Indonesia.
(Jalan Sutoyo, Pontianak).

A short visit to the Rumah Adat Betang, a vernacular longhouse of the Dayak tribes in Kalimantan Barat. I believe this is the so-called Hampatong Pantak or Patong Pantak, the tribal guardian figure in the Dayak culture. The artistic creation of the personified expression of an ancestral image, which the tribe believes are intermediary to the supreme being, the Jubata. Pantak is believed to ward off evil spirits and as territory marker.

This particular replica of the vernacular house belongs to the Dayak Kanayatn (Dayak Kendayan, Dayak Kedayan) political ethnic identity to conveniently referred as Land Dayak- Klemantan. There are claims, the grouping includes Dayak tribes speaking the Bakati/ Banyadu, Bajare, Banana, Baahe, Badamea/ Badameo languages, but still unclear and debated. Dayak Kanayatn form the majority among the numerous Dayak tribes concentrating in the districts of Kabupaten Landak, Kabupaten Pontianak, Kabupaten Kubu Raya, and Kabupaten Bengkayang.

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Discovered on Flickr (Ahmad Fuad Morad ) for this terrifying evil building. Original date: 2014-09-02 16:59:22

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