5 Most Evil Nazi Human Experiments

Nazi human experimentation or nazi medical experiments was a series of medical experiments on large numbers of prisoners (including children), largely Jews …
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  1. WE SHOULD NUKE THE NAZI GERMANS ALREADY! twice and trice just like me as i survived the gas chamber two times! and i saw mengele himself! i saw the evil in his eyes. We should nuke those nazi germans already or they will do it again. they are By far the worst that exists in the world. Mao, Stalin etc They are a joke. these 12 years of history is the only relevant thing that exists. Because 6 million of the greatest race of the world were executed, murdered, experimented with in the most brutal and bestial way one could imagine. We need to burn these mass murderers. The nazis from back then may have all died already but its in the blood of the
    subsequent generations!

  2. I'm learning here, because I couldn't really pay attention in Mauthausen, because the tour went so quick forward.
    And this is gruesome to imagine how humans can do these crimes
    I feel so sorry for those poor people, who were mistreated…
    So sad..

  3. And I agree that defending this is disgusting. But maybe those defending it are missing the most important part.
    Nazis and others were already messed up DNA
    They were attempting to destroy the remaing humans who were and are God's .

  4. It's sad and disgusting to see the comments in this video, where is the sympathy, where is the kindness? It's wrong to kill another person, another soul, no matter the background, race or religion when these innocent people had not committed any crime and were yet condemned. The very action of killing is evil, and the experiments without consent were not ethical

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