The Casino Lisboa gets uploaded here a lot, but here’s a different angle. Evil Buildings

The Casino Lisboa gets uploaded here a lot, but here’s a different angle.

This mind blowing evil building was found from Reddit by user saugoof.

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  1. *portugese hiding on man’o war*

    Alright boys we got this! We’ve done it before!


    *cannonball triggers supersonic missle defense system*

    *Man’o war is obliterated*

  2. This is far less menacing that the ‘looming up through the mist behind run-down streets’ photos. It shows just how grotesquely ugly that thing is. FIRE!

  3. inb4 some straight to dvd action sequel to “Cheaper By the Dozen” where the dad and an unlikely side character save the day by lighting a cannonball and shooting it into the tower ~~to kill the bad guy right as hes about to sign some document that would do something bad, but its funny because he was evil~~ they shoot it into the tower and it destroys some great thing the evil businessman had stolen from the cheaper by the dozen family’s littlest kid who liked to lock himself away in that wizards tower on the top floor of the house from the movie, to present as his own, then the crowd cheers cuz they think it was supposed to go down that way, theres some funny background banter about “i guess the windows here are expendable” and then at the end the whole family is eating dinner and they realize two of the kids are missing and then they hear a cannonball shot and it lands on the dinner table and send tons of food in the dads face, and the two missing kids are up by the cannon laughing and then the credits come in

  4. I really like the contrast between colonial history and modern development here. Almost as though to fully understand the casino you must look at how it has grown from history as symbolized by the framing of the casino between the fort walls.

    Or it could just be a neat shot idk

  5. This better not be some spooky foreshadowing that’ll end up on some shit top 5 creepy online posts before disasters video on youtube.

  6. What an ugly fucking building and testament to human depravity.

    Casino owners gross me out.

  7. My question whenever I see this building, is : Is it legal to build a building over land that someone else owns?


  8. I was there a few months ago! Life hack: get samples of all the jerky from the street vendors and within a quarter mile you’ll be full

  9. I actually been there too! I joke about using the cannon and fire towards the casino building.

  10. Should rename this sub to /r/amazingbuildings / /r/awesomebuildings/ /r/almostneverevilbutalwaysimpressivebuildings

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