2008-10-10 Melle, église St Pierre, Deux-Sévres, Poitou-Charentes

St. Peter’s Church in Melle.
The church Saint-Pierre was built in ocher limestone in the early XII century on the site of a chapel built in 950 of the abbey of Saint-Maixent. This first church was surrounded by a Carolingian cemetery.
The church was restored between 1965 and 1966 and found new windows and a new roof.
It is classified as a historical monument since 1862
The plan of the church is very simple: a large ship leads to a transept arm cuisine open two chapels. Recent support from each of the central apse apse. The transept is surmounted by a square tower, pierced with four small bays and covered with a pyramidal roof dates from 1466.
The outside
The western facade is very simple, but it has an apse chapels and ornate, including windows archivolts which are covered with an abundance of geometric patterns.
The southern flank provides a lateral portal whose arches house the animals of the Apocalypse and the signs of the zodiac. It is surmounted by a niche with a maimed statue of Christ surrounded by the Holy Virgin and St. John.
Between the gate and the niche is a cornice supported by corbels depicting centaurs, the paschal lamb, the symbols of the evangelists …
The sanctuary is also highly decorated. Each window is decorated with original designs: stars, bats, diamond, palmettes, cylinders and under the cornice, human masks, animal heads. One of the capitals of the windows are decorated with two peacocks do cartwheels.
The ship is divided into three naves with vaulted rock broken (quite rare) and divided into five bays by eight pillars. These consist of four columns flanked by four columns, two of the most beautiful capitals are the Entombment of Christ and the spine Shooter (Shooter The theme of the spine was popular among pilgrims, walkers so exposed to this adversity and that their pilgrimage to eradicate evil from the body). Other capitals are several reasons: a bearded mask, an angel, two birds facing two chimeras, a griffin.
The cross is surmounted by an octagonal dome in the wrong.
In the pavement of the church ship there are several gravestones XVIII century.

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