68 Replies to “Which super villain lives in the porsche museum? Evil Buildings”

  1. I live in Atlanta GA and its crazy how close the design of this is to the Porsche plant here in Hapeville. They share a very similar aesthetic.

  2. some say, Elon Musk wears his italian Moustache to Mask his presence once in a while just so he could drive his porsche around.

  3. “François Petite Pénis” as “Sub Average”.

    Please don’t confuse him with Sub Zero. This one likes the heat because it looks bigger when it’s warm.

  4. Porsche built vehicles for the nazis during WW2, so the obvious choice would be the Merchant of Death.

  5. Climatechangeo, Pedestrianpulverizer and Der Luftverschmutzer have to share the space due to their high fuel costs.

  6. Porsche, they just fired my dads company for doing something that there was no indication to not do.

  7. i wonder how well architecture designs like this will age? considering how brutalism is getting torn down aggressively, my predictions is it won’t last 40 years.

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