21 Replies to “Gardens by the Bay, Singapore Evil Buildings”

  1. Aw it’s not evil, it’s one of my favourite places on the planet.

    For anyone who’s never been there, there are two domes. One is a fairly normal greenhouse. The one shown here is the cloud garden – temperatures are controlled to levels you might usually find at the top of mountains, rather than the usual 30°C+ you find in Singapore. You can see the most amazing range of plants, particularly rare orchids that normally only grow at very high altitudes. The mist and the waterfall absorb the sounds of all the people so it’s quieter than you expect. Peaceful, cool, and maybe my personal heaven on earth.

    They power most or all of their cooling with biomass – the domes are in a very large public garden, so there is plenty of that to go around!

  2. Does this remind anyone else of Tron: Legacy? The whole neon orange and neon blue aesthetic is super iconic to me.

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