39 Replies to “Evil shipwreck in Mauritania Evil Buildings”

  1. Are ships considered buildings once they are longer in use?

    If you ask a homeless guy, then yes. But other than that?

  2. What makes it evil? Don’t judge so quickly. This boat could’ve hosed a foreign emperor come to greet a new land with open arms.

  3. Weird never heard of this country till yesterday when I watched a thing about how Atlantis was the eye of the Sahara, it makes so much sense check it out

  4. “Hey bud I think you put out too much anchor chain.”

    “Nay mate, I been doin’ this job longer than you. I got this.”

  5. Reminds me of the abandoned ship near the bottom right of the map in fallout 4 that’s full of raiders and meilurks

  6. TIL Mauritania isn’t just the name of an old ship.

    …. This was a very confusing thread for me at first.

  7. *A shipwreck is an Evil Building?!*

    This sub is going to shit. I would ask that you join me in reporting this in hopes of getting it removed, for the sake of the sub.

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