Minecraft Lets Build :: Epic Evil Castle! :: Society of Wolves Part 5

Minecraft Lets Build is back! Today I start working on the castle while Jay gets down and dirty on some houses! Is anyone going to read this and realize i havent …
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  1. What do the people eat in this area? They have to have food. What if they had a farm of unusual things like nether warts or something like that? It would be like their diet had evolved to allow them to consume those things.

  2. civil war apon the United People (both kingdoms name before Crap went down) and broke apart and formed the Druids and the Empire. hope you see all this and love your work bdubs big fan ok Byers.

  3. bdubs the religion would be like you said on the church episode but the empire thinks they were created from the ashes of the volcano and when they die a new volcano erupts and makes a new baby be born and that should be one of the reasons why the Empire and the Druids are fighting but another reason in the story is once all people lived in peace building eating etc… than people started to form r

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