Elia: The World’s Most Frustrating Work of Art

Near the town of Herning in Denmark sits Elia, a giant metal dome sculpture by Ingvar Cronhammar that occasionally spouts flame. I reckon it’s the world’s most …
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45 Replies to “Elia: The World’s Most Frustrating Work of Art”

  1. If the past ignition times are posted, can the algorithm be decoded? And then forecast ignition? Doesn’t sound random, maybe it’s crazy complicated.

  2. I would had love to have seen his reaction to the flame going off in his outro as a fluke.

    He probs would have done his jump for joy and laugh he does when he get's things done in one take.

  3. “…massive flame…” “Massive” is not a synonym for “large” or any other adjective about size. “Massive” is about mass, of which even a huge flame has very little. A common error, but an error nonetheless.

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