Hitler’s Circle of Evil 9/10: Beginning of the End (eng subs)

As the war fails, the inner circle responds with strategies to save itself, from plotting the Führer’s assassination to negotiating with the Allies.
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  1. you would think they would just have a goon solider or sniper just take bullet to hitlers head I mean 3 attempts and they all failed Lol

  2. Worst reproduction SS uniform and officer's hat l have ever seen…
    An SS man wouldn't walk to the bathroom looking as disheveled as the clown in the photo for this upload…
    SS officers were some of the Best dressed soldiers to ever wear a military uniform…
    The tool on the front pic for this couldn't bring An SS officer his underwear dressed that sloppily…
    Terrible image of a famous military uniform.

  3. Hitler keep majority ov quickly mobilised field gun for the counter attack ov enemy's tanks main thrust ov the war and spotter plans to get that vital information x sscp fish ? x

  4. Who ever did wardrobe for this show should be fired TV they have all uniforms, ranks medals and ribbonbars, ect wrong even Claus von staffenberg is wearing the heer (army) uniform with branch colour of white which is infantry he should be wearing crimson for general staff corps as he worked in the war ministry and his shoulder boards are of a (Oberleutnant) or 1st Lieutenant when actually his rank at that time in 1940 was a (Oberst) or Colonel.
    And Martin Bormann wears a (SS-Oberstgruppenführer uniform) or General in some sences when he never made that rank he was a honorary (SS-Obergruppenführer) or Lieutenant General with wrong awards and to many more mistakes to mention.

  5. Wait, is this documentary really entertaining Speer's courtroom fantasy about his "plot to kill Hitler"? Oh brother. smh He only said that to try to save his own ass. I've not heard of a single scrap of evidence supporting the notion that Speer tried to do anything to stop what was going on, besides the occasional bit of selective hearing when it came to certain orders. Even his fellow defendants audibly laughed in the courtroom when he suggested it at Nuremberg.

  6. The end is false, fake news. Hitler escaped to Argentina with Bormann and lived to a ripe old age. Many Nazis became our scientists and high up in NATO ! We were almost as sick as Hitler, and still are. Good data–shows Hitler's aides were sick, demented also. Keep an eye on our leaders–Merkel for instance is one of these types–Obama, Clintons, Bushes all about the same as Hitler–they just didn't have the chance to sow their real stuff. Power mad, and financially corrupt, our leaders are a mere stone's throw away from Nazis and getting closer. Enjoy the Trump interlude–then it's back to pure evil again.

  7. I have two highschool friends who joined the American Alt/Right movement, one is still in and one bailed after it really sank in that it's just Neo-Nazism without the Doc Marten boots and suspenders. Some of the Nazis, like the "Operation: Valkyrie" collaborators, were not lunatic white supremacists as much as misguided World War 1 ("Great War") veterans who were aggrieved by the terms of the Versailles Treaty and disillusioned by the Wiemar policies. They joined and promoted the National Socialist Workers' Party with the the farthest thing on their minds being idea of gassing Jewish people to death. Many should be commended for acknowledging their mistakes and for the "Valkyrie" assassination attempt, and other plots against Hitler.

  8. Watching this series I could never understand why there was such backstabbing. Don't you guys have important work to get done? You're already the head of various ministries or agencies – what else is there to fight over? You don't get a pat on the head every week from the boss? Big deal. Except for Rohm, nobody ever had to worry about job security even when the world was crashing down on their heads. I suppose when your entire political movement is created around literal back-stabbing you just can't help yourself.

  9. I like AHC but I have to wonder if they are nazi lovers.they can't go one day without showing something on hitler.last I checked Hitler was NOT an American hero.Stop the nazi shows.

  10. There was a wealthy Jewish German woman in Germany that said this about the actions being taken against jews at the time……I am paraphasing but this is essentially what she said. "I am pretty sure that nothing will happen to wealthy and educated jews". Many republican cult believers, especially the uneducated and those of the middle and lower classes seem to have the same mind set, thinking that because they voted for tump and support him, that they would be "safe"……if trump were to have his way in our country. These people don't know about history.

  11. The overall general similarities of trump's Amerika and Germany in the 1920s and 1930s are horrifying. Soon he will want to build his own Wolf's lair. People have already starting posting signs outside their businesses stating no service to gays….. "Those who forget the past are condemned to relive it"…..and here we are. This kind of stuff was stuff that only happened in Europe. But then again, trump is not eruopean, he is not American………his country is……Power, his citizenship is…….money.

  12. I don't like these fancy pseudo documentaries. The narrator pretends to know it all, without any reference to sources or research, just some acting and old propaganda reels. And, of course, suggestive music.

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