101 Replies to “AT&T Tower Blood Moon Rising Evil Buildings”

  1. The red moon hangs low, and beasts rule the streets, are we left no other choice than to burn it all to cinders?

  2. *”Don’t go ’round tonight, well it’s bound to take your life… There’s a Bad Moon on the Rise.”*

  3. I swear when I visited nashville last year everywhere I went I could still see the eye of fucking sauron staring at me

  4. I’m took me a minute. I mean, it’s not one of those wide shots of the beach with a HUGE MOON in it. This one was less obvious but the angle of the building wouldn’t look like this with a telephoto of the moon.

  5. Internet and data companies are literally the eye of Sauron. Palantir is called Palantir for fucks sake.

  6. If this moon was over the Comcast HQ like this is definitely believe that that would mark the coming of Satan

  7. Just switched to cricket cause AT&T overprices their trash service. So yea. This fits.

  8. Aye, somebody call Akatsuki so they can call Tobi so he can call Obito so he can call Madara so he can call Kaguya so she can call Black Zetsu

  9. Guys we need to find the ring and throw it in the lava to destroy the eye of sauron

  10. I see they resorted to sacrifice in an attempt to get the Time Warner merger to go through…

  11. Arise in the deepest dream,
    A haven in the haze,
    The howls and The sickly screams they fade

  12. I’ll never forget my Tom Tom GPS took me to this tower when I asked to go to AT&T in Nashville

    Technically it wasn’t wrong

  13. Nashville native; only ever been the Batman Building to me, though I did like it a lot more when it was BellSouth since it had the Tristar symbol then.

  14. Sooo that’s where all our cell phone money is going? I thought $120 a month was hardly enough to maintain my hardly used phone!

  15. Only thing that that would make this better was instead of it being an AT&T building, it was Comcast harnessing the evil powers of the Blood Moon to slow networks across the globe

  16. They must have had something to do with the moon turning from its natural light green into an evil red

  17. “One phone to bring them all,
    One phone to find them,
    One phone bring them all,
    And in the darkness bind them.”

  18. Spent 2 hrs on the chat with their website today figuring out that I cant have unlimited internet without getting a satellite dish put on my roof

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