Hellfire club

Welcome to Dublin’s notorious Hellfire Club – one of the most terrifying places on Earth!

Perched high on a mountain – top overlooking the city of Dublin, The Hellfire Club is a place of Evil, of Terror and of Death. Built in the Eighteenth century on the site of a sacred Stone Age tomb, The Hellfire Club was constructed in a spirit of blasphemy and sacrilege. The young bucks who built it said it was a hunting lodge. It’s real purpose – the worship of The Devil!

Cursed from the very beginning, the aristocratic members of The Hellfire Club used this place as a headquarters for their wild debauchery. These rich young men liked nothing better than sex and drinking…

This magnificent evil building was discovered at Flickr by user PhotographyByKristina (400,000 + views) . Original date: 2012-05-06 21:45:55

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