peacock Castle

The first house was build in the thirteenth century as a hunting lodge used by the counts and dukes of Gelre. The house was named ‘Pauwenburcht’ (Peacock Castle) because of the white peacocks they kept there. The dukes of Gelre used to wear the feathers on their helmets.
The present house was build in 1905 on the foundations of a house dating from the seventeenth century.

Staverden Castle is build on the foundations of a seventeenth century house.

At the backside of the house lies a small island in a pond. On the the island you can find the tomb of Eleonora. This Eleonora lived at Wildenborgh Castle, one of the eight castles of Vorden. She had a lover, who went on a crusade in the Holy Land. When he was away, another man wanted to gain her by force. When her lover returned home, he was killed by his rival. Eleonora wanted to escape this evil man and fled to Staverden, where a mighty knight lived, who gave her protection. She stayed there for the rest of her unhappy life, always dressed in black.
After her death she was buried on the island in the pond. On moonlit nights, the black lady is seen there, walking to and fro on the island, wringing her hands and lamenting about her lost love.

As seen on Flickr (holland fotograaf ) for this super evil building. Original date: 2012-10-26 14:40:50

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